Frequently Asked

1. Do you stay on the job until it’s completed?
Yes, when possible.

2. How long does a project usually take?
Cabinet only installations for most kitchens take 2-3 days. 
Countertops packages take 3-4 days.
Full remodels depend on size and labor intensity.

3. What time do you start and what days do you work?
 Project start time is 9:00 AM.  Work is usually completed for the day between 4 to 5 PM.  We
 work Monday thru Fridays (except holidays).

4. Do I have to be present when Knight’s Kitchens & Baths are on the job?
No, you can trust us with your project even with your busy schedule.

5. How can we check you out more thoroughly?
Check with the Better Business Bureau, , the Department of Labor & Industries (hotline number is 800-647-0982.
Their website

6. Is Knight’s Kitchens & Baths licensed?
Yes.  Our contractor’s license is KNIGHQH153DJ.  (contractors license under Knights Quality Homes)

7. Where do you store my new appliances and cabinets during the project?
Your garage is needed to deliver products prior to starting the project.

8. How long does it usually take for my new cabinets to arrive?
Once your new cabinets are ordered, it takes four weeks for delivery.

9. What do I need to do to get ready for Knight’s Kitchens & Baths to begin my project?
All cabinets and storage must be cleared of all items prior to job start.  Any items you wish to
save must be clearly marked. Complete any demolition customer chooses to do.

If you would like to ask us a question not listed please click here.

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